Methodist University Ghana launches Endowment Fund 
The Methodist University Ghana (MUG) has launched an endowment fund to promote research and scholarship...
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How can you contribute to the endowment fund

Acct. Name: Methodist University Ghana
Acct. #: 0022202120048
Bank: Prudential Bank
Branch: Abossey-Okai Branch

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MOMO NAME: Methodist University Ghana
MERCHANT ID: 52 32 39

What will be the fund policy

Who are the trustees

Prof K Adom-Frimpong                               - Chairperson

Very Rev Mrs Naana Esi Dannyame         - Council Representative

Mr Tsonam C Akpeloo                                - Council Representative

Prof Philip E Bondzi-Simpson                      - Vice Chancellor

Mr Atta Twumasi Dabone Jnr.                   -Academic Board Representative

Mr Nicholas Nunoo                                     - Students/Alumni Representative

Mr Paul Ampadu                                        - Finance Officer

Mr Okyere Boateng                                    - Registrar (Member/Secretary)

About the Fund




The Methodist University College Ghana (MUCG) was established in the year 2000 by the Methodist Church Ghana with a mission to impart knowledge and skills in disciplines relevant to national development within the context of general global development, whilst ensuring a holistic quality education for its students. Its mission therefore, is to promote academic excellence, Morality and Service through teaching and research with a Christian worldview.


The University, which in March 2022 attained full autonomous status as a chartered institution is funded mainly through student fees and grants from the Methodist Church Ghana, the promoters of the University. However, student fees and the grants from the Church have not matched the funding requirements of the University over the years.


During MUCG’s 10th Anniversary celebration in 2010, a thanksgiving service was held at the Calvary Methodist Church, Adabraka. During the service an appeal for funds was made to serve as a seed for an endowment fund for the then University College. Thirty seven thousand seven hundred and ten Ghana Cedis (GH¢37,710.10) was realized. Subsequently, led by the then Principal, Very Rev. Prof. Samuel K. Adjepong, staff agreed to make some contributions through monthly deductions from their salaries for six months. This yielded an amount of forty three thousand nine hundred and seventy cedis (GH¢43,970.00). Students also contributed an amount of ten thousand seven hundred and seventy four cedis (GH¢10,774.00), bringing the total contributions to One Hundred and Five Thousand Five Hundred and Ten Ghana Cedis (GH¢105,510.00). The amount was invested at Ecobank. As at August 2018, the face value of the investment was GH¢172,347.00 (From GH¢105,510.10).


As part of the then National Accreditation Board’s requirement for colleges applying for autonomy status to have substantial investment to ensure their financial sustainability, the above investment (GH¢172,347.00) was transferred to the Prudential Bank in August 2018 to be added to other investments to meet the requirement of the National Accreditation Board, (Ghana Tertiary Education Commission). Against this backdrop, coupled with the attainment of a Charter status and the quest for excellence and in its bid to enhance access by the public and also facilitate research, and scholarship, the idea of establishing an endowment fund has become not only crucial but also compelling.





An endowment is money that is given or set aside as a permanent fund to meet special, designated or emergency needs not met through current income. An endowment is meant to last in perpetuity and only the income or a specific percentage of the market value expended each year. The endowment is a lasting legacy by members or friends of the Church and the Methodist University Ghana and others, including corporate organisations to continue to support the University.


Planned gifts, such as bequests, life income arrangements and gifts of real property or other appreciated assets, can grow into substantial endowment funds that could nourish and sustain the Methodist University Ghana well into the future in its quest to provide sustainable quality holistic education for Ghana’s developmental agenda whilst living its motto – EXCELLENCE MORALITY SERVICE.


Specifically, the METHODIST UNIVERSITY GHANA ENDOWMENT Fund will facilitate the following:


  1. Promote research and scholarship and position the Methodist University Ghana as a Centre of Excellence;
  2. Attract and retain high calibre academic and administrative staff;
  3. Apply funds towards capital and infrastructural projects;
  4. Establish specific Endowed Chairs for Scholars in Residence and Visiting Scholars;
  5. Establish scholarships for students, including disadvantaged students and those from underserved areas;
  6. Create a lasting collaboration between the Methodist Church Ghana and the University in the areas of professional development and continuous education, as well as extension services to the Church and society;
  7. Provide the space for capacity development for both Ministerial and Lay Ministries, including programmes specifically tailored for church groups and organisations within and outside the Methodist Church;
  8. Provide integrated modern information and communication technology facilities;
  9. Develop linkages with local and foreign institutions and forging partnerships with industry;
  10. Create and organizational culture that enhances efficiency, discipline and commitment;
  11. Improve management capacity and institutional governance structures and support the University’s strategic aspirations.




The following options may be considered:


  1. Cash donations (instant)
  2. Weekly, monthly or annual cash donations
  3. Giving towards financial aid for needy students
  4. Donation of Shares or other Securities
  5. Mutual Funds
  6. Tangible Properties (buildings or other assets)
  7. Give a pledge on how you would like to support the University
  8. Establishment of endowed chairs for Visiting/Distinguished Professors



Your contribution to the endowment fund will help sustain the fund and ensure future excellence and innovation at the Methodist University Ghana, whilst providing a more stable source of funding to programmes.