Faculty of Science

Message from the Dean

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to all members of the Faculty of Science at Methodist University Ghana. As the Dean of the faculty, I am excited to collaborate with our dedicated faculty members, enthusiastic students, and esteemed partners in advancing knowledge and fostering innovation.

The Faculty of Science at Methodist University Ghana is a hub of exploration, discovery, and academic excellence. Our programs are designed to cultivate scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills essential for addressing complex challenges in our world today.

To our students, I encourage you to immerse yourselves fully in your studies, engage in hands-on research experiences, and embrace the spirit of curiosity and exploration. The faculty members are committed to providing you with the guidance, support, and resources needed to excel in your academic journey and beyond.

To our esteemed faculty members, I extend my deepest appreciation for your passion for teaching, dedication to research, and commitment to mentorship. Your expertise and contributions play a pivotal role in shaping the future of science and inspiring the next generation of scientists.

To our valued partners and collaborators, thank you for your ongoing support, collaboration, and shared commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and innovation.

Together, let us continue to uphold the values of excellence, integrity, and collaboration that define the Faculty of Science at Methodist University Ghana. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to a productive and rewarding academic year.

Warm regards,

Dean, Faculty of Science
Methodist University Ghana

Prof. Henry Mensah-Brown