Government needs to provide funding support for research to address national problems

Professor Phillip Ebow Bondzi-Simpson, Vice-Chancellor of the Methodist University Ghana (MUG), has called on the government to commission universities and research institutions to provide the requisite and adequate funding support to address national problems.

He said when commissioned research by the State was nearly absent; research funding by the State was limited; and research results, when available were shelved Ghana was so much the poorer.

Prof Bondzi-Simpson was speaking at his investiture as the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of MUG in Accra.

At the ceremony, Her Ladyship Justice Professor Henrietta J.A.N Mensa-Bonsu was presented as the Chairman of Council of the University.

He said over decades of independence, policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of solutions were more based on political considerations than data-driven.

He said the government needed to support students with a bursary to pursue university education wherever they like.

Prof Bondzi-Simpson urged the government to outline or re-outline its policy on higher learning and its alignment with the national and human capacity development agenda.

“This will enable all tertiary institutions to play their various concerted roles for the emancipation of Ghana, Africa and the world,” he added.

He said he look forward to a close working relationship with the Chancellor, the Chairman of Council, with Members, Staff and Alumni of the University and with all stakeholders, to move the University to its deserved position amongst the best in the world.

“We shall live our Motto: Excellence, Morality, Service,” he said.

The Vice-Chancellor said during his tenure, his leadership would provide rich education, which would be relevant, innovative, creative and holistic rewarding diligence, hard work and positive contributions.

He said without a doubt, the greatest beneficiary of world-class education being offered here in Ghana was Ghana and such education must be accessible and affordable.

He said higher learning was not limited to teaching accredited courses, therefore, people must research with a view to innovation and solving local and global problems.

Prof Bondzi-Simpson said the University would collaborate with and support the larger Methodist fraternity verse visa.

“The University must collaborate with these institutions for customized programmes and short courses, conduct research, create attachment and internship opportunities,” he said.

The Most Reverend Dr Paul Kwabena Boafo, Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, the new Vice-Chancellor’s dedication to education and his achievements in the field of law had earned the admiration of the entire Methodist University Ghana Community.

“We are confident that under your guidance, our institution will continue to flourish and reach new heights of excellence,” he added.

He said his leadership should encourage stakeholders to embrace innovation, promote academic excellence and to cultivate an inclusive community that values diversity and fosters intellectual curiosity.

Justice Mensa-Bonsu said the Council promised to keep the University on the path to turning the promise into reality and would be the goal to which they pledge and commit ourselves.

She said the institution must recruit and support persons, who desire to pursue an academic career in order to further participation in the enterprise of knowledge generation, knowledge acquisition, knowledge impartation and knowledge dissemination.

She said they must have the capacity to awaken interest of young minds in intellectual inquiry in all spheres of life, not only by personal example but also by innovative teaching methods.

“Teaching and research must lie at the core of all their endeavours, and teaching philosophies must focus on enriching the student experience,” she added.

The Council Chairman said they could not also overlook the quality of students they recruit because the effort to cultivate an enquiring mind could be made even more arduous, if the resources at the other end of the pole were inadequate.


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