The Office of Research Support (ORS) is the research management and administration arm of Methodist University Ghana (MUG).  Our mission is to provide effective and efficient research support services which are consistent with world class universities to staff and students of MUG. The Office is dedicated to ensuring that research studies are carried out in the most effective and efficient way possible by offering the necessary support services and, as a result, identifying, developing, and safeguarding the intellectual property of the University. The ORS represents the research interests of the University in contractual relationships, grant applications and is also responsible for administering projects that arise. The Office also has an Institutional Review Board (IRB)/Research Ethics Committee (REC); an administrative body established to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects recruited to participate in research activities conducted under the auspices of the institution. The Research Ethics Committee also ensures the ethical standards and scientific merit of research involving human subjects are maintained.

The Dean, School of Research and Graduate Studies and Professional Development have oversight responsibility over the Office of Research Support and all its activities. With this brief message, I wish you a fulfilling experience as you explore our website.


MR OKYERE BOATENG                                                         



Among the key strategic objectives of the Methodist University Ghana (MUG) is its vision to attain world-class excellence in education and research. To achieve this, an Office of Research Support and Institutional Review Board/Research Ethics Committee (IRB/REC) was established after approval was given by Core Management of the University.

Office of Research Support (ORS)

The mandate of the ORS is to provide for the university, an efficient and effective administrative support system in grants application processes and pre and post award services. 

Institutional Review Board/Research Ethics Committee (IRB/REC)

The MUG Institutional Review Board/Research Ethics Committee (IRB/REC) is an independent and competent body set up to review, evaluate and decide on the ethical merits of research protocols in accordance with laid down Standard Operating Procedures  and Research  Ethics Policy.


To provide effective and efficient research support services for ground-breaking research projects that will transform the University community, Ghana and the entire globe


To become the global choice university in research development and partnership in the next ten years







Office of Research Support (ORS)

The ORS provides pre-and post award administrative services for sponsored projects. This includes:

  1. Dissemination of funding opportunities
  2. Compilation of documents for grant application
  3. Tracking of submitted proposals
  4. Notification of award and setting up account for the project

Institutional Review Board/Research Ethics Committee (IRB/REC)

The Committee performs these functions:

  • Serves as an advisory body of the University on ethical issues of research involving human participants
  • Reviews proposals for human subject research to be carried out in the University by staff of the institution or external investigators within a reasonable time and documents its views in writing to the applicant(s), clearly identifying the study, the documents reviewed, modifications required prior to its approval or disapproval, the approved dates for commencement of the study and termination/suspension of any prior approval
  • Safeguards the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of all study participants especially vulnerable participants and communities
  • Considers the suitability of the investigator(s) for the proposed study by considering relevant qualification, training and experience, as documented by current curriculum vitae and/or by any other relevant documentation. (May request more information would assist them in taking a decision on the protocol or provide protection of the rights, safety and/or wellbeing of participants researcher
  • Concern itself strictly on the scientific and ethical merits of submitted protocols for approval
  • Monitor progress and problems that may be experienced in the conduct of research

React to any allegations of misconduct in research involving humans carried out by researchers.



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