Owusu-Antwi Kwasi


Senior Member


A professionally qualified Marketer (Chartered Marketer), Lecturer and Researcher, Administrator and Counselor, who is self-motivated and thrives upon challenges. I am positive minded, dedicated, hardworking, adaptable personality with good interpersonal relations and who have developed a range of skills through work experience, research and education. I relish routine and take pride in doing a good job.

My interest areas of research are Strategic Marketing, Knowledge Management and Brands Management. Over the years have developed Expertise in Brands Management and Events Marketing and Management.

Kwasi is a holder of MBA – Strategic Marketing Management, Postgraduate Diploma (DipM –CIM UK) – Marketing, MA- Guidance & Counseling, Advanced Certificate (Marketing), Postgraduate Certificate –Psychology and Group Diploma – Marketing  (LCCI)

MBA (2005), PhD (candidate)


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